Coronavirus: they recommend applying booster doses due to the increase in cases in Brazil

The covid is once again gaining relevance in the world, Brazil ordered to resume the use of masks in airports and planes, China confined eight neighborhoods of a southern city and France suffers a significant increase in cases.

Given these increases in cases, the director of Epidemiology of the Province, Laura López, stated that the country did not suffer any outbreak.

“Our covid surveillance was integrated with the rest of the respiratory diseases,” he said.

Getting data…

López remarked that there are few hospitalized for respiratory diseases but that the vast majority are cases of influenza and not covid.

“We are not seeing an increase in cases, there is no increase in consultations and it is not being reflected in hospitalizations,” he declared on Radio Universidad.

And he added: “The few cases of people who are hospitalized for covid correspond to people over 50 who have not completed their full vaccination schedule, including booster doses.”

However, the official warned that the 300% increase in cases in Brazil is worrying.

“Vaccination coverage in Brazil is not the same as ours. Here in the older population we reach desirable coverage above 80%”, she affirmed.

Laura López – Vaccination of COVID-19 by

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