Córdoba: they delay the psychiatric expertise of the young man who attacked his family with a machete

Eric Ricardo Van DeVeldewho killed his 12-year-old nephew and seriously injured his mother and sister with a machete in the Kairos neighborhood, will not be able to undergo a psychological examination due to his emotional state.

Carlos Najiplaintiff attorney who represents the father of the fatal victim, said that the 28-year-old is not “emotionally stabilized” after what happened two weeks ago in the city of Córdoba.

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The lawyer said that they will request a control expert to find out if Van De Velde understood the criminality of his acts and if he suffers from “psychopathological alterations that prevent him from locating himself in time and space.”

Before attacking his relatives, the 28-year-old had written on social networks: “The enemy is desperate because at any moment this becomes more beautiful for the righteous,” and added “There are little pigs that are hiding from me, just like the I will find and destroy. I always overcome the darkness.

On the other hand, the 56 and 38-year-old women are admitted to the Emergency Hospital under a reserved prognosis due to their serious state of health.

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