Conor McGregor’s return to the Octagon seems imminent

The return of the prodigal son of the UFC to the octagon already seems a reality. Conor McGregor has already stated that he will put on the MMA gloves again, but without clarifying when or against what rival.

Dana White himself declared at a press conference that the return was going to take placebut that it was early to talk about pairings while the Irishman recovered from a nasty injury that occurred in the last fight against Dustin Poirier. Now that the former champion has been in charge of breaking the news, many are interested in fighting with him. And it’s not because of his sympathy, precisely.

Everyone wants him as a rival

The fact is that the UFC has international renown, but few fighters get a good purse for their fights. In fact, some fighters who are included in the main card barely reach $10,000 per performance (not counting bonuses and other income). That’s why, when he comes out on Conor’s behalf, everyone wants to get on stage with him, as pay-per-view revenue and media exposure skyrocket.

One of the formulas to get his attention is to criticize him publicly, as Jorge Masvidal has done these days, with the idea of ​​”heating up” a hypothetical combat. Despite using a string of nasty insults, he doesn’t seem to have caught the Irishman’s attention enough; which is logical, since the inventor of these methods was him, as well as the king of “trash-talk”.

Conor, on the other hand, would prefer to directly aspire to the Welterweight title. facing the current monarch of the division, Kamaru Usman.

Another interesting section, in addition to the PPV, it will be to see how the forecasts work; It is not only about the movement that is going to be generated in this section, but also about see what options fans give Conor depending on who he’s up against, especially with such an uneven track record in recent years.

The sports bets, in the portals that have this option for the UFC, are a clear indicator of the vision of the fans in the face of combat, marking the favorite and the “underdog” for each contest with different categories and modalities. In fact, in recent times, It has become one of the most visited devices and in which the forecasts of the main UFC fighting posters are very followed; such as the next UFC Austin on June 19, in which the popular Donald Cerrone (Conor’s former opponent) starts as the clear favorite against Joe Lauzon.

potential adversaries

If, finally, Usman wants to cash in and decides to give the Irishman a chance, few are going to opt for Conor; instead, In a matchup with Michael Chandler, currently one of White’s favorite fighters for his warrior spirit, the odds would be more even.

If it’s the unlikely option of Poirier, given the background (two wins in a row for him), the Louisianan would come out as the clear favorite.

One of the great mysteries is who fans would bet on in the case of a trilogy between Nate Diaz and McGregor; given that both are on a losing streak of results and the background between the two athletes shows a victory for each.

McGregor’s return is, once again, a spectacle for the fans. And it must be emphasized once again, since the Irishman has left and entered the organization on several occasions. The reality is that, financially, he does not need to be active, since he became the highest-paid athlete of 2021, largely thanks to his investments outside the Octagon. However, he is aware that his fame opens the doors to businesses that provide him with real profits.

And the The UFC, of ​​course, doesn’t want to lose its “goose that lays the golden eggs” either.

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