Conflict with anesthesiologists: scheduled surgeries have already been suspended for more than 500 children

The consequences of the suspension of surgeries

The director of the hospital, Jorge Pérez, don’t lose the hope they get back to work in the short term.

The official also said on Radio Nihuil that this generates negative repercussions for the child and his environment. Regarding the resignation of the anesthesiologists in Mendoza, Pérez assured that he still had hope that they will return to work.

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On the other hand, He stated that the 6 floor anesthesiologists that the hospital has are the ones who are attending All the aforementioned problems: emergencies, emergencies, studies and oncological and hematological surgeries.

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Due to the conflict with the anesthesiologists, more than 500 surgeries have already been suspended at the Notti hospital. kids

How the conflict with anesthesiologists continues

From the sector of professionals they let transcend signs that there is some rapprochement. It is that in addition to pondering “the good predisposition” of the minister Ana María Nadal and her team, they pointed out as an option to analyze the payment for productivity offered by the authorities.

The one who acted as spokesperson for the self-convened anthesiologists this week was Dr. Raul Beguier, interviewed on Radio Nihuil by Carina Scandura and Carlos Hernández.

Beguier began by saying that “what Minister Ana María Nadal is proposing is an alternative. It is a mode that is in force and that it is highly effective in other areas of public health.

“Pay for Productivity -he continued- is a model to analyze, which will have its advantages and disadvantages from the economic point of view. is a likely model and that was put under evaluation at the dialogue table”.

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After the sanction of Emergency Law in Anesthesiology, which forced professionals to return to work, under pressure from sanctions, are already 64 professionals who have been summoned through the Official Gazette.

What they risk if they do not return to public hospitals is the loss of their enrollment, which could also affect the private health sector.

Problems due to the lack of pediatric specialists

On the other hand, the director stated that there is a lack of pediatricians in specialties such as gastroenterology, neurology and pediatric intensive care.

Regarding this last point, he stressed that in Mendoza there are some 25 pediatric intensive care physicians and these are the same ones that attend to the different effectors, throughout the province.

Only in Notti, four intensive care doctors are needed per day, so, although the doctors carry out their duties, there is a deficit in this aspect.

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