Complaints from neighbors about the non-collection of garbage grow

Garbage bags are left out in the open for days.

for several weeks the household waste collection service in Resistencia is not being carried out normally. This time, residents of the Progreso neighborhood denounced “the laziness of the administration” headed by Gustavo Martínez.


“For at least 30 days it has been every other day, and this week there are already two (days) in a row in which the bags of waste accumulate on the sidewalks”commented to Datachaco Gustavo, a resident of the area.

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As can be seen in the photos, the bags with garbage are left out in the open, degrading the environment and being able to affect the health of the residents of the neighborhood.

“Meanwhile, the municipality increases taxes for Rates and Services that it is not complying with. These photos record the negligence of the mayor”Gustavo completed.

While the residents of Resistencia get used to new shortcomings in municipal services, Martínez continues to prioritize taxpayer spending on putting concrete in the city’s few green spaces.

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