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The windows decorated especially for the occasion, the stores trying to attract customers with offers and discounts, people of all ages ignoring the cold and walking from one store to another to find the ideal gift, while others carry a bag in hand, calm and happy to have gotten the gift to honor dad in his day, were some of the postcards that could be seen in recent days in different parts of Mar del Plata.

The Father’s day It is celebrated this Sunday throughout the country, within the framework of an extra-long weekend for the holidays on Friday and this Monday, which in the city increased the movement in shops, cafes and restaurants, as confirmed by the sector a THE CAPITAL.

“Sales have been very good in the previous days and we hope that it will continue like this”commented Julio, the employee of a men’s clothing store located on Córdoba Street, almost Luro.

In this sense, the trader indicated that customers “They ask if there are promotions with banks, but they also pay a lot in cash for the discounts”.

In turn, Julio estimated that the Average spending What people do when giving a gift in that men’s clothing store is “between five and ten thousand pesos, although this can go up when they choose a coat” and considered that sales this year are “much better” than in 2021.

Julio, an employee of a men’s clothing store, assured that the sales are “very good.”

In the same category, Marianthe manager of a sportswear store located in the Güemes area said that this Saturday they could not cope with the number of customers and that for this reason they had had to call employees from other shifts to reinforce the attention.

It is clear that clothes are not the only gift option for dads in their day and those who could spend more turned to electronic items such as cell phones or televisions.

Maximiliano, the manager of an electrical appliance store located in Luro at 2600, stated: “We are having several queries, good sales regarding televisions, speakers, cell phones. The flow of people is continuous and has been growing during the weekend, so we have good expectations”.

In this framework, he added that although the business has plans of 12 and 18 installments without interest, the public “inquires a lot about payment in cash.” “Perhaps it is people who want to invest and spend an amount of money that they have and that can become devalued, so they buy to equip themselves or capitalize,” he estimated.


Maximiliano, manager of an electrical appliance store.


A great plan to celebrate Father’s Day is to go out and enjoy the wide gastronomy of Mar del Plata and that is why cafes and restaurants prepare to have a busy Sunday.

“In our case we do not work with reservations, but we have been having a good rhythm of work and we believe that this sunday is going to explode”, graphed the manager of a restaurant located in Belgrano at 2200.

“I spoke with many colleagues and they all think the same. Although it was difficult to return from the pandemic, sales have been growing”, added the woman and estimated that having lunch or dinner in this downtown restaurant has an estimated value of two thousand pesos per person.


Restaurants expect a big movement for Father’s Day.

At the same time, Alexandrathe manager of a gastronomic space located in Güemes at 2800, which stands out for its cafeteria and pastry shop, said: “We work with reservations because honestly we can’t cope and for this Sunday we already have everything booked”.

“The massive number of people there for the long weekend has a positive influence. Weekends are our forte, but for the long weekend we do a double shift for lunch and dinner”, added the manager and commented that for this Sunday they prepared a special menu that includes appetizer, main course, drink and covered and that has a value of 4200 pesos per person.


Alejandra, in charge of a gastronomic space in Güemes, said “we have everything reserved”.

For a celebration like this Sunday, there are not a few who decide to give their parents a spirit drink. Daniela, the manager of a wine cellar and warehouse located in Arenales y Gascón, said that sales were boosted by tourism and by discounts from Cuenta DNI, Banco Provincia’s virtual wallet.

“For Father’s Day gifts, what are the beer packs with glasses, wines or glasses comes out a lot,” he indicated and estimated that the average cost of those who buy gifts in the place is three thousand pesos.


Daniela, in charge of a wine cellar and warehouse, located in Gascón and Arenales.


A typical place in Mar del Plata that combines commerce and gastronomy is Paseo Aldrey, located at Alberti 2115, where people who visited it could find a wide variety of stores with different offers and discounts to buy a gift for Father’s Day. Dad.

“Yesterday the day was cloudy, rainy and throughout the day the Paseo was full”an employee confided to this medium and added that the expectations for Saturday night and Sunday was that the place be full of people.


Shopping at Paseo Aldrey.

In this frame, Veronicathe sub-manager of a perfumery located inside the Paseo, said: “These days we were very crowded, sales were on the rise, the increase in people at this time is quite noticeable”.

“For Father’s Day what sells the most are fragrances, there are always some that are more requested than others. Card promotions attract a lot of customers as cashouts are important”, he added and assured that the average cost that people make to make gifts from that perfumery is “around 12 thousand pesos”. “There is more movement this year than the previous one”affirmed and remarked that this Saturday is the day in which they expected more movement and that for this they were preparing to provide the best service to customers.


Verónica, assistant manager of a perfumery on Paseo Aldrey.

Meanwhile, on the first floor, visitors to the place enjoyed the extensive offer of the food court, which is preparing to be tomorrow a meeting place where families will celebrate Father’s Day.

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