Comment: Trump’s supporters cannot be convinced

TV-ready processing: Hearing of the committee of inquiry on June 16
Image: AP

The investigative committee delivers gripping television. If you want, you can see how Trump wanted to bend the will of the voters. But who wants to see that?

Dhe committee of inquiry into the storming of the Capitol not only meticulously reviewed what Donald Trump did after his defeat in 2020 with which accomplices to undermine the will of the voters. No less meticulously, the deputies have worked out the script with which they present their findings to an audience of millions in hearings. This is gripping television. But for whom?

Seven years into Trumpism, it seems unworldly to hope that any argument, no matter how compelling and coherent, could change the minds of many of the millions upon millions of Americans who have remained loyal to Trump.

The gas price is more important than democracy

First, most don’t take notice of the political spectacle—the masses don’t care half as much about Washington as they do about the record prices at the gas pumps. Second, the Republican leadership and right-wing opinion makers have consistently delegitimized the reappraisal as partisan maneuvers by the Democrats. Third, and most importantly, many of Trump’s voters just want to believe him. If they stopped doing that, it would amount to an admission that the others had been right all these years.

Ultimately, the committee probably has only one spectator in mind: Attorney General Merrick Garland. It is becoming increasingly difficult for him not to impeach Trump.

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