“Colombian football is going backwards”, Sebastián Viera

One of the foreign players who has earned a place in Colombian Professional Soccer is the Uruguayan Mario Sebastian Vierathe goalkeeper of Junior from Barranquilla He has been in the club for a good number of years and could be considered as just another Colombian.

The issue is not only about sports, but also about the player’s personal issues, since his wife and children are Colombian.

Despite being a foreigner see He is an authorized voice to give his opinion on what happens in football in our country and it is not the first time he has done so, since a few months ago he assured that the League format made the tournament uninteresting.

On this occasion, the ‘Angel’ of the arch was invited to the sports program F90 from ESPNwhere he spoke again about Colombian soccer and which I classify as stagnant.

“I am not Colombian, but I feel part of it and I think I have the authority to be able to speak. We have not grown, we are going backwards. We players are not listened to, and they do not open the doors to us to help. We want Colombian soccer to have an important place. There is a lot of fabric to cut”, affirmed the Uruguayan.

Screenshot. Photo: Twitter @ESPNFutbolCol

But despite being critical, the goalkeeper also proposed a couple of ideas to solve these things, but as a fundamental basis, I declare that the leaders must listen to the athletes, the key players in football.

“For example, there has to be a category C because they don’t make the B teams grow. We also have examples like Independiente del Valle. On the issue of infrastructure we do not give young people tools to grow. We can look at what we have next to us, but we don’t see it, or we don’t want to, ”he concluded.

Screenshot. Photo: Twitter @ESPNFutbolCol

It should be noted that it is not the first time that a footballer has come out to talk about these issues, there are already several who believe that Colombian football is not advancing and is becoming obsolete compared to other leagues on the continent.

The format of the tournament is clear, one of the leagues that has more commitments in dispute, which is played in a tight way due to calendar issues, more in a year with this, when there is a World Cup.

Several times it has been proposed that the league format be played again, the team that achieves the most points is the champion, but the directors have been clear that this is not possible, according to them, because it would not be attractive.

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