Colo Colo was far from imposing his terms in the Monumental and could not get out of zero against Deportes Temuco, cast of the First B, in the first leg of the 32 phase of the Chile Cup.

colo colo could not become strong at home by only drawing goalless against Temuco Sportsin a cross played at the Monumental Stadium and corresponding to the first leg of the third round of the Chile Cup.

The key to the round of 32 was completely open with this parity in Pedrero, ahead of the rematch that will be played on Thursday, June 23 at the ‘Germán Becker’ Stadium.

A loose game could be seen in Macul. poor fluid game and few chances of real risk in the areas marked the process of mourning.

The ‘Cacique’ had an important possession of 69%, however, his dominance could not be transferred to generate many scoring chances.

The latter led to the ‘albos’ beginning to lose control as the minutes went by. What’s more, the hosts finished with four bookings.

Matías Zaldivia, Maximiliano Falcón, Jeyson Rojas and Leonardo Gil received a yellow card, being on the brink of expulsion.