Collective Agreement for Health personnel: the details

The Government of Santa Cruz released new details of the Collective agreement of their health workers. The ranking agreement was the result of the unanimity of the parties, both trade unions and the Provincial Executive, as a result of the working groups and historical agreements reached.

In principle, Garzón stated that it was a “historic repair” that has led to an “eleven-year discussion that has put us in the fight at many moments in history.” The parity also marked: “We tried throughout that time to vindicate the workers, we are the only province in the country that in the midst of the pandemic has discussed a sectoral collective agreement and that has culminated in a health career with a career ladder own”.

This implies, he recalled, “not only the hierarchization of workers, but also an important transfer of resources to the pocket, it is what we always request and it is finally happening”.

Garzón maintained: “In the first semester we have injected an increase that has to do with between 35 and 45% of the salary increase in a single installment and that is part of one of the important demands that has to do merely with salary. Salaries were not lowered, nor adjustments nor reduction, if there is a restructuring of the way of computing the salary, but in none of the aspects is it going down.

Meanwhile, she recalled: “We workers were governed by three laws, the No. 591, No. 1,200 and No. 1,795 that implied a stagnation, it gave us a picture of a typecasting of what happened in hospitals, but it did not allow mobility, it did not rank and did not value the study, training, merit and initiatives”.

In this case, with the health career divided into groups, levels, grades and sections; “What we do is from the beginning of the entry into working life to guarantee equal opportunities and value, in labor and salary matters, the training and formal study of each of the workers.”

For his part, Verbes affirmed that after more than eleven years of waiting, in the midst of a pandemic, “work continued with the representatives of the workers.” Specifically, he stated, “in 2021 different aspects of the Collective Bargaining Agreement were approved and homologated and this year the new roster could be agreed with all the representatives.”

The main objective, explained the secretary of the Health Portfolio, “is to recognize everyone; the effort and training of the work that each one of the people puts in day by day”. Likewise, Verbes explained that “there are few records throughout the country on this type of achievement, it contemplates a large part of all the particular situations that the Health aspect has, adding, in addition, to the people of the CSS and takes into account different aspects of the day-to-day work”.

To close, Verbes recalled that during all the negotiations, “the joint meetings were discussed article by article in all aspects, being important that we all understand the importance of recognizing the aforementioned.”

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