A group of Codelco officials demonstrated during the night of this day outside the Ventanas smelter, after they announced its progressive closure.

This Friday night, workers from the National Copper Corporation (Codelco) I know manifested on the outskirts of the Ventanas de Puchuncaví smelter, Valparaíso region.

The foregoing occurs within the framework of the announcement of the progressive closure of the division, after in recent weeks the inhabitants of the area were affected by massive intoxications.

The group of Codelco workers are on Route F30E, where they carry out traffic cuts with incendiary barricades.

In addition, through slogans and banners they demand that a National strike by Codelco workers after the decision of the board of directors of the mining company.

Codelco and closure of Windows

It should be noted that the complex socio-environmental situation of the Puchuncaví-Quintero industrial complex has been exposed in recent weeks after various poisoning episodes.

Given this, Codelco assured that “it has complied with environmental regulations and since the morning of Monday, June 6, the foundry Windows has been stopped for the advance of maintenance.

“This decision is difficult for us,” said the president of Codelco’s board of directors, Máximo Pacheco, who also assured that “no Codelco worker will be unemployed,” since they set up a work table together with the unions, to carry out a closure gradual division.