Coahuila will invest 177.9 million pesos in programs for elementary schools in the new school year

For the new school year 2022-2023, the Coahuila government will invest 177.9 million pesos in programs for basic education schools.

Most of the resource, which was 100 million 964 thousand 215.26 pesos, was allocated to 538 thousand 958 packages of school supplies, as stated in the ruling of the National Public Tender No. CE-905002984-E23-2022 that launched at the time the Secretary of Finance of the state and that is published in CompraNet.

The accepted proposal was Abastecedora Aragonesa SA de CV and this same one was also selected in the past school year 2021-2022, with a total amount awarded of 93 million 297 thousand 857.22 pesos but for 540 thousand 527 packages of school supplies. This is indicated by the National Public Tender No. CE-905002984-E12-2021.

For the new 2022-2023 school year that starts next Monday, August 15, this is the distribution of school packages by region:

In La Laguna are 157 thousand 215 school packages of which44 thousand 887 are for four, fifth and sixth of primary, 38 thousand 413 for first, second and third of primary, 41 thousand 835 for secondary, 30 thousand 920 for preschool, 827 for special education and 333 for initial education.

For example, the school packages for first, second and third grades of primary education include a book, two lined notebooks, a sticky pencil, a grid notebook, two pencils, a crumb eraser, a color box and a pencil sharpener. . For the fourth, fifth and sixth grades of primary school, they contain a book, two professional lined notebooks, a professional grid notebook, an adhesive pencil, a pencil sharpener, a crumb eraser, a color box and a geometry game.

For the North region, 79 thousand 612 packages of school supplies will be delivered at all levels; for the Carboniferous region, 35 thousand 268 benefited students are programmed; for the Desert Center region is 75 thousand 510 packages of school supplies and for the Southeast region, 191 thousand 353 packages of school supplies are contemplated.

According to the report of the Secretary of Education of the state of Coahuila, for the next school period, 35.6 million pesos were considered for uniforms and shoes for 100 percent of the students in rural and urban areas of poverty polygons, as well as 33.4 million pesos for textbooks of 100 percent of the basic level student community. There are 8 million pesos that were programmed for reading books for 100 percent of schools that will receive copies for students from second to sixth year of primary school as well as secondary level.

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