Clan del Golfo falls network in Bogotá that supplied weapons and military clothing – Crimes – Justice

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This was indicated by the Prosecutor’s Office, which prosecuted two of the alleged members of this illegal network, which would be responsible for clandestinely acquiring short and long range weapons, explosives and other items; in addition to making garments similar to those of the Public Force.

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During the arrests, several types of weapons were seized in the warehouse.


Video capture-Prosecutor’s Office

Alexis René Gualteros Sánchez and Yamiled Holguín Montoya were arrested for these acts, captured in flagrante delicto in a warehouse of the Patio Bonito neighborhoodin the southwest of Bogotá.

Six mortars were found in the cellar, grenadesvendors for guns, 180 pixelated uniforms, bolts of cloth, and cash.

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A prosecutor presented those captured before a judge and charged them with the crimes of manufacturing, trafficking and carrying weapons, ammunition for the exclusive use of the Armed Forces or explosives; illegal use of uniforms and insignia; and illicit enrichment of individuals.

The judge imposed custodial measures on the two captured, who must continue to attend the process against them from prison.

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