Cillian Murphy dropped several pounds for her new role in "Oppenheimer"

The actor’s new film project Cillian Murphy, recognized by the series Peaky Blinder, is called “Oppenheimer”. The film tells part of the story of the scientist Robert Oppenheimer (1904 – 1967), also called the “Father of the Atomic Bomb”.

Director Christopher Nolan recruited Murphy for the lead and the actor has taken his role so seriously that he lost several kilos for the performance.

The physicist was a bony man who used to skip meals, so looking extra skinny was a character requirement.

“He was very shy. He fell into states of melancholy and depression and then went through stages of productivity in which I hardly ate“, Leopoldo Soto, director of the Plasma Physics Intersection Research Center of the Chilean Nuclear Energy Commission told LUN.

The Mirror published an image from the shoot where Murphy can be seen obviously thinner. The media noted that the actor lost 6 kilos for the production that will hit the big screen in 2023.

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