Ciego Montero soft drinks for sale in a market in Canada

Cuban Ciego Montero soft drinks, which are scarce in Cuban stores, are for sale in a market in the city of Montreal, Canada.

Cuban Thais Lisset, a resident of that Canadian city and CEO of the Pixel Cubano startup, shared this Friday a photo of the refreshments that are in existence in the Sabor Latino market, which, according to its website, is distinguished by having “19 years knowing and accompanying Latin families in Canada.”

“I don’t know since when I haven’t seen these soft drinks in Cuba! And I come to meet them again in Montreal! Any logical explanation?” Lisset wrote on Twitter.

In the image shared by the young Cuban you can see, on a shelf, some liter and a half bottles of orange, cola, mate and Ciego Montero lemon soft drinks.

The price of Ciego Montero bottles is 2.79 Canadian dollars.

In addition, a publication from last June 7, on the Facebook page of the marketwhich is located at 6955 Rue St-Hubert, announces that Cuban soft drinks are now available in the store for Cuban customers.

Facebook / Latin Flavor

In a Second Life videoa couple of youtubers Colombians that show what life is like for a Latin immigrant in Montreal, you can see a tour of the supermarket that has typical products from Latin American countries.

Sabor Latino website You have the option to see which of these products correspond to each country, but in the section dedicated to Cuba, no product in stock appears.

Although, as he has learned CyberCubaSabor Latino offers coffee and some typical jams from the Island.

Carbonated soft drinks, like most products produced in Cuba, are difficult to find in Cuban stores, due to problems in production and distribution that seldom meet demand; as well as the hoarding of private businesses and resellers; and the concentration of products in MLC stores, which are not accessible to most Cubans.

A few days ago, a news item in the state press reported that the Las Lomas joint venture, which makes Fiesta soft drinks, has years with minimal production because it does not pay the debts to its suppliers of containers and the concentrate with which the drink is made.

The factory, located in the municipality of Santa Cruz del Norte, in Mayabeque, has a single line for packaging carbonated soft drinks in aluminum cans, with a content of 355 milliliters.

“Production could not be fulfilled as we had planned for various reasons. Among them, debts in foreign currency to raw material suppliers stand out, fundamentally cans and concentrates”, he told Cubadebate Edelvy Valdivia Gonz, deputy director of the company.

For their part, at the end of May, directors of the Los Portales joint venture, producer of mineral waters and soft drinks under the Ciego Montero brand, blamed the shortage of nationally produced carbonated soft drinks in Cuba to the fact that there are no cans to pack them.

“As of 2019, we are experiencing a very serious situation with the can, since we have indebtedness due to a lack of external financing liquidity. This is what has meant that, in a significant way, we cannot continue working with that line”, recognized Teresa Tejo Ramos, director of this joint venture.

at the beginning of the year, authorities of this company blamed the US embargo for the shortage of soft drinks of domestic production that affects sales networks in national currency, and even stores in Freely Convertible Currency (MLC), although these do receive assortments of imported non-alcoholic beverages.

According to the official newspaper Granma, the Los Portales factory, located in Pinar del Río, has presented, since 2018, a deficit of basic raw materials. In 2020, for example, they only made 112 million plastic knobs, less than half of what was made in 2019, while in 2021, they barely produced 86 million.

According to the director of the production plant of this company, the “blockade” (embargo) of the United States and the COVID-19 pandemic are the main causes of the resounding decline in this productive line.

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