Chris Hemsworth’s Surprising and Unexpected Demand to Return to Marvel in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’


Chris Hemsworth is one of Marvel’s longest-serving actors, so to return to the franchise in Thor: Love and Thunder He had a state. To meet her.

Chris Hemsworth in Thor: Love and Thunder© @chrishemsworthChris Hemsworth in Thor: Love and Thunder

over a decade ago Chris Hemsworth came to Marvel to bring Thor to life, the god of thunder and propelled himself to international fame. The actor, with the excellent work he did during this character, quickly rose to the top and won the hearts of all fans of the franchise. In fact, that’s why he’s currently one of the longest-serving artists in the entire studio and, in turn, the one who brought the same superhero to life the most times in adaptations of Stan Lee comics.

However, the truth is that after avengers endgame the reality of Chris Hemsworth changed a lot. Indeed, his teammates from the start of the franchise, like Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr. Yes Scarlett Johansson they disappeared. Well, these actors brought Captain America, Iron Man, and Black Widow to life, which had their respective cycle closures in the third phase of wonder.

This is why, for the filming of Thor: Love and Thunder, the film that marks his return and, perhaps, his last participation in the MCU, it was not easy to convince Hemsworth. Also, according to the same actor he warned, he asked Kevin Feige and his team that meet a requirement. Which, of course, was done in order to have the original protagonist in what appears to be the final Thunder God strip.

For me, there was no other; either it was Taika Waititi or better yet he didn’t come back. It’s simple; no one knows better than him to capture this new essence of Thor. It was my only condition“, confessed Chris during an interview. I mean, it indicates that Taika Waititi’s return as the director of a Thor movie isn’t just a coincidence. Apparently, between them an incomparable duo was generated that always triumphs at the box office.

So much so that it is a film that every faithful and follower of Chris Hemsworth Yes Thor must be enjoyed. Moreover, the same actor confessed that this could be his last appearance in the MCU. ” The last MCU movie I filmed was Thor: Love and Thunder and it might be my last movie as God of Thunder.“, he began by saying. Later, he added during his interview with Wired: “I am not sure. It was a crazy, fun, crazy experience, as all Taika Waititi movies are.”.

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