China Suárez was asked if she wants to be a mother again, and she was surprised: "I’m…"

Despite his young age, and having recently turned 30, Eugenia Suarez He has a long and successful artistic career, three children from two different fathers and countless media scandals due to his controversial romances.

And it was after Wanda Gate that China He was once again on everyone’s lips, not precisely because of his work but because of his different affairs both in Argentina and in Europe. She is one of the figures most sought after by the press, and although for some time now she chose not to talk about her private life, the actress broke the silence and referred to the possibility of becoming a mother once again.

After returning to music, releasing a new song and traveling to Madrid to participate in a charity event and the Platinum awards, the actress spoke with Hola magazine and acknowledged: “I don’t plan to have more children, I’m fine like this”. In this way, the former Almost angels ruled out the possibility of giving him a little brother Rufinahis daughter with Nicholas CabreAlready Amancio Y mangnoliathe boys she had with Benjamin Vicuna.

But although he answered about motherhood, Suárez preferred to avoid commenting on the recent decision of his ex-partner, the Chilean actor, who deleted the photos in which they were together from Instagram. “I don’t want to talk about my life, I don’t talk about my things anymore. I’m very focused on my work, on my children, so I’m doing very well.” sentenced.

Amid the rumors of crisis with Armando Mena and of the versions that attribute some old encounter with Rodrigo DePaul Y Mauro Icardi, China referred to what a man has to have to like her and acknowledged: “I think there is no ideal man, I never had an ideal“.

“I do not plan to have more children. I’m fine like this,” remarked the actress who acknowledged that she suffered from the repercussions that Wanda Gate took.

Finally, when asked about the consequences of having starred in a media scandal as the third in discord in the marriage between Wanda NarOh, the footballer, Suárez stated: “You suffer, you suffer a lot. Although it seems that one can with everything, one suffers”.

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