China ratified its support for Russia, in a clear message to the US

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping.

China assured Russia of its support in matters of “sovereignty and security”, in a telephone conversation between Presidents Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, in the midst of the invasion of Ukraine, and sent a message to the United States.

After the phone conversation, China said that “it is willing to continue to support each other with Russia on issues related to core interests and major concerns, such as sovereignty and security.”

According to the official statement from the Asian giant, the presidents “exchanged views” on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and Xi “stressed that China has always made independent judgments on the issue based on historical foundations and the situation, actively promoting world peace and the stability of the global economic order.

China stated that “all parties must propose an adequate solution to the Ukrainian crisis in a responsible manner” and that “it is willing to continue playing its role, in this regard.”

Xi Jinping’s government communicated its readiness to “promote solidarity and cooperation between emerging market countries and developing countries, and push the international order and world governance in a fairer and more reasonable direction.”

For its part, after the call between Putin and Xi Jinping, Russia conveyed its support for “the Global Security Initiative proposed by China” and its rejection of interference in China’s internal affairs by any force under the pretext of so-called Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Taiwan issues”.

According to the Xi Jinping government statement, “Russia is ready to strengthen multilateral cooperation with China, make constructive efforts to promote multipolarity in the world, and build a more just and rational international order.”

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