Chiapas: Three people died and two more are injured by the fall of two trees in Amatán and Tapachula

TUXTLA GUITIÉRREZ, Chis.-This Monday fall of two trees in the municipalities of Amatán and Tapachula, three people died and two more were injuredit is estimated that due to the softening of the earth, as a consequence of the rains that have fallen in Chiapas, due to the presence of the tropical storm that has been located in the Pacific.

It was reported through Civil Protection that in the municipality of Amatán, a family that was traveling in a van to the municipality of Pichucalco, on the border with Tabascowas that a tree fell on the vehicle. As a consequence of this fall They lost their lives Carlos López López, 44 years old; Floricela Méndez López, 43; and Feni Bel Hernandez; 30 years old.

A minor of two years and three months of age, who was traveling along with the other three people, suffered traumatic brain injury, was transferred to a hospital in Solosuchiapa. These four people were trapped in the green Nissan van, with CZ-1353 license plates from Chiapas.

villagers tried to help

The accident occurred on the La Campana road section towards the municipality of Solosuchiapa, when the unit was heading towards Pichucalco, where they would make purchases. The family is originally from the San Lorenzo community, in the municipality of Amatán.

To the place, they arrived villagers to try to rescue people from the unit, but they realized that he no longer had vital signsso later elements of the Police arrived to cordon off the area, waiting for experts and prosecutors from the District Attorney’s Office.

The other tree fell on some students

In the central park of the ejido Álvaro Obregón, municipality of Tapachula, a ceiba tree over a hundred years old fell when a group of students were playing in the surroundings and as a consequence a young woman and a 14-year-old adolescent were injured.

A lifeguard from the Red Cross and Civil Protection arrived at the scene to care for the injured.

The young woman and the 14-year-old boy were rescued from the branches ceiba and transferred to hospitals in Tapachula.

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