Chango Ochoa and Ce Lijdens draw with music and color Polychromy

The artists present a new proposal in which they merge different arts.

In the description of the show it is detailed: “We started thinking about this together with Ceci in the middle of the 2020 quarantine, putting together an album with songs where each one of them has a painting that represents it in shapes and colors.”

They also add “Months went by and we began to virtually present some of the songs accompanied by their paintings, and artists began to be added to record, and they ended up recording more than 20 enormous musicians from different areas of Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Spain” .

“At times when I felt bad, without the desire to play or create, coping with affective losses that were very important for me, Polychromy, and everything began to resurface, and more and more, it literally saved me…. Imagine if this album will be important to me”, explains Chango Ochoa.

The band is made up of: Martín Gallo (drums), Agustín Vill (bass), Fer Ochoa (choirs), Martín Barroso (keys), Matías Rodríguez (percussion), Juan Ceballos (guitars and clarinet) and Nico Roqué as a guest.

The visual part (scenography, setting, costumes, makeup, etc.) will be in charge of Ce Lijdens and Nazarena Vilches. In the dance José Quinteros and Carla Agüero.

is presented the Saturday 14 at 9 pm at the Graciela Carena Cultural Center (Alvear 157). Discounted advance tickets are available at

It will be a night to open all the senses, going through the exhibition of paintings, with live music, dance and a great team taking care of every detail so that each person can enjoy to the fullest.

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