Catch millions of TV 21.2 Congress programming on CDMX

Congress TV 21.2the channel of Legislative Branch of Mexico Cityhas been consolidated with its own offer of news, interviews and reports, in addition to broadcasting local legislative activity, which has allowed 13.9 million to tune in at least once in the period from January to May this year.

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The channel is viewed daily by around 548,000 people, who have enjoyed its content for an average of 13 minutes.

The increase is significant, taking into account that in the period from January to September 2020, 6.7 million people tuned into the channel at least once, with around 108 thousand people a day, and an average of eight minutes of viewing the content.

According to studies of HR Ratings Media Research Centerthe main programs enjoyed by viewers in TV Congress are: Week 21.2, conducted by Natalie Moon, program that presents local news, the summary of the local Legislative Power and, in the same way, interviews with legislators such as Hector Diaz Polancopresident of the Board of Directors, and own reports on the Mexico City.

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This show was watched by at least 1.7 million unique people from January to May 2022, with around 24,600 tuning in to the content per day, spending an average of 10 minutes of their time on it.

Another prominent program is Doomsdayconducted by Miguel Angel Velazquezwho has interviewed personalities such as the left-wing leader in this space Cuauhtemoc Cardenas; the boss of the Capital Police, Omar GarcĂ­a Harfuchand the head of government, claudia sheinbaum.

Judgment Day was seen by 4.2 million unique people at least once from January to May, with around 78,000 daily viewers tuning in to the show, who stayed tuned for nine minutes, on average.

Finally, the Legislative Activity (which broadcasts the events and activities carried out in the Congress) reached by itself the figure of 9.9 million unique people, with around 23 thousand people tuning in every day, who dedicated an average of six minutes to the program.

Congreso TV is available on open television on the 21.2 signal.


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