Carlos Sánchez made it clear “Santa Fe needs several reinforcements in defense and in the middle”

Independent Santa Fe is preparing what will be the second semester of the BetPlay League, after a forgettable start to the season, where he was eliminated from the option for the title in all against all.

One of the referents of the ‘Cardenal’ club, Charles Sanchez, attended the microphones this Saturday WinSports and explained how the team is getting ready to achieve the goals set for the BetPlay League 2022 II.

“We are very excited about the squad, with the team and the players that we have, we are going to harmonize well, although these are just words, then we have to show it on the pitch. We hope that the objective that we set ourselves as an institution can be achieved”, indicated the flyer.

The ‘Roca’ was happy with the arrival of the Uruguayan Alfredo Arias and trusts the work of the DT to raise his head in the PCF: “In what little we have lived together, I think he is a person who has well-defined values ​​on the human side. From the first day she let the group know that there is nothing more important here than the shield of Santa Fe. He is a motivator in every training, during, before and after, he is always motivating. He is a person whose honesty is really seen.”

Carlos Sánchez training at Independiente Santa Fe. Photo: Twitter Carlos Sánchez

One of the most sensitive issues touched by the former player of the Colombia selection It is the reinforcements issue, because many names have not been mentioned in the Cardenal world due to the economic problems that the club is experiencing.

“We have already had many casualties, Santa Fe has a responsibility to reinforce those positions. I think we have to reinforce ourselves in the defensive part and in the central part, too, one side or two. Up front, someone who can keep you company Wilson. However, there is a lot of young talent at the club.”said the 36-year-old player.

The 'Rock' talked about the big final of the BetPlay League.  Photo: Twitter Carlos Sanchez

The ‘Rock’ talked about the big final of the BetPlay League. Photo: Twitter Carlos Sanchez

Finally, Carlos Alberto Sanchez discussed the final BetPlay League where Tolima and National will define the title. The ‘Rock’ decided not to get wet expressing that “I am not going to risk giving a champion”, but decided to do an analysis of the two teams:Tolima It is a team that is doing a very remarkable job because of how the club is being managed. National it’s like him real Madrid in Colombia, he really hasn’t had a superiority in football, but National is National”.

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