Carlos Maslatón spoke about the piqueteros and explained how they should repress them

Liberal lawyer Carlos Maslatón spoke about the picketers who usually block the 9 de Julio and expressed his support for the project of the deputy of La Libertad Avanza, Ramiro Marra, regarding the regulation of pickets on public roads.

– What do you think of the picketers who cut 9 de Julio?

-What can I tell you? They are completely wrong from the point of view of methodology. Someone is going to have to say ‘gentlemen, you can’t block the street anymore’. How are you going to cut the street?

– Do you support the project of deputy Ramiro Marra?

-Yes. Of course, we must move forward with the ban. The public highway must be free. If you want to do an act, do the act but not there. The main arteries of a city are for the circulation of cars and people. They are not to be blocked. What happens is that in Argentina once you allowed this, well, anything goes. And no one wants to repress because there may be a death and there we are in trouble.

The lawyer and finance expert Carlos Maslatón.

Later, maslaton He delved into the police repression against the piqueteros and assured: “I think that some government is going to have to come and put order. Without killing anyone, obviously, because the objective is that no one dies. But they have to take you out. The issue is who does that. If later they are going to judge if someone dies due to a misfortune that happens. Because he threw himself on top of a policeman, wanted to kill him, what do I know. The guy ends up dead and they are going to judge the security. Then, he has to come a government that says ‘gentlemen, do your job'”.

Finally, the lawyer ruled: “Obviously this is not endorsing any police or army crime. They have to comply with the law. But you also have to give a guarantee from the type that is going to repress in a good way, in the sense term. Well, he is complying with the law. No, picketers don’t go.”


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