Cappiello: “In 2023 the Progressive Front will once again govern the province of Santa Fe”

“After the departure of Hermes and Miguel there was no time to find a way of dialogue and consensus, but I am sure that after these elections, most of the leaders and parties that make up the FPCyS will start working together and in coordination to formulate a government project for the province. I have no doubts that in 2023 the Progressive Front will rule again in Santa Fe, ”said Cappiello.

“In recent weeks, I have toured the neighborhoods and talked with hundreds of neighbors and many have expressed their desire to see us again in charge of the executive. There are many things that we did well in the city and in the province, the citizens fondly remember Hermes Binner and also Miguel Lifschitz. Our management generated great transformations especially in health, education and public works, never in the province of Santa Fe were so many works carried out as in the period 2015-2019 ”.

At the local level, the candidate said: “This is what we want to do in the city, to continue contributing and adding to the management. The City Council needs doctors to legislate health issues. If this pandemic taught us anything, it is the need for governments to have a strong health system that responds. And Rosario and Santa Fe responded very well in part thanks to the health system that we left with Hermes Binner and also thanks to the important task carried out by health personnel, doctors, nurses, and many more, who gave everything to take care of us ”.

Regarding the recent events of insecurity that claimed the lives of 6 people in 24 hours, Cappiello said: “It would be good if Rosario is known for its positive aspects and not for the events of insecurity or drug trafficking that have become currency. current. Today Javkin summoned all the political forces to debate the issue and seek solutions, I think it is the right way, we have to get out of this by working together ”.

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