Campo Quijano: They require trial for cattle rustling against six men

They slaughtered pigs stolen from a farm in the vicinity of Rosario River. For the skins left in the vicinity of the property were discovered and subsequent raids ended up incriminating them.

The criminal prosecutor of Rosario de Lerma, Daniel Escalanterequested before the Court of Guarantees 1 the elevation to trial of the case in which six men were charged for an event that occurred in May 2019when they slaughtered pigs.

Jesus Albino Pastrana, 34 years old; Juan Ramón Cruz, 33 years old; Juan Ramón Exequiel Chocobar, 30 years old; José Abel Pastrana, 29 years old; Roberto Ángel Maldonado, 26 years old, and Sergio Eduardo Ochoa, 34 years oldThey were charged with the crime of qualified cattle rustling for the participation of three or more people.

From the requirement arises that the day May 23, 2019in Villa Angelicanear the Rosario River, the defendants stole two pigs, large sizeto those who they fished and left hides and remains. They also stole six pigletsand all this was accredited in the different kidnapping records and reports, drawn up by police personnel.

According to the investigative tasks, it appears that an employee of a farm found the hides, while conducting a tour of the vicinity of said property. From there, home searches began, in order to recover the slaughtered meat of the pig specimens.

With the evidence collected, the prosecutor Daniel Escalante asked the intervening Court of Guarantees to bring him to trial.

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