Camilo and Evaluna shared an eschatological incident with their daughter that disgusted their followers

Camilo Echeverry Y Evaluate Montaner are still taking their first steps in raising their newborn, Indigo, and they do not hesitate to share each of these steps on their social networks. Although the baby’s face has not yet appeared in any photo, the artists’ followers learned details of the girl that they might prefer not to have seen.

This is how it happened this week, when new parents once again shared an intimate instance of their coexistence in Instagram. Both artists published in their respective accounts a series of beautiful postcards of their trip through Mexico and several countries of Europe in the “From inside to outside Tour“.

But the last photo shows what Camilo described as “the summary of what it is like to go on tour being parents“: an accident in “code brown” they had when the baby’s diaper overflowed, leaving stains on her mother’s legs, the floor, and the white couch where they were sitting.

Several of their fans told them that they didn’t need to post the image as it was a gross episode. “They always want to give the note”, “First I thought it was mustard, this photo is horrible”, “A little respect please”, were some of the messages they wrote to them. However, the vast majority agreed that these things can happen, and they recommended that they enjoy every moment because time passes very quickly.

Strangely, this is not the first eschatological anecdote who shared the daughter of Ricardo Montaner and the new member of the musical clan. Carried away by the emotion that he still feels after the birth of his firstborn, Camilo commented in uncomfortable detail on his experience with Indigo’s first dirty diaper in full interview.

It’s fascinating, the texture is fantastic“He expressed about it during his appearance on the television program La Resistencia. The musician not only revealed that has dirty diaper photos, also joked that he made himself toast. “We put olive oil in it and ate it…”, He laughed during the interview.

The comment did not go unnoticed on social networks, where some of the Internet users came to accuse him of “perverse” Y “nasty“. The criticism only grew when it became known that Evaluna had ingested her placenta after giving birth, something for which he also defended his wife during the television series.

You laugh, friend, but no. Don’t laugh just because“, he shot staring at David Broncano, conductor of the cycle La Resistencia. To close the issue, he explained that it was the doula who attended Evaluna who raised the possibility with them. “She prepared all the placenta and offered us a range of possibilities (to eat it)“, he concluded.

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