Camila Homs, Rodrigo De Paul’s ex, crossed paths with the footballer in a bowling alley after suing him: What was his reaction?

The separation between the footballer Rodrigo DePaul and the model Camila Homs seemed to be on the right track until the young woman made a millionaire demand. Amid the controversial legal action, Both crossed paths in a Buenos Aires bowling alley and she clarified that they have a good dialogue for the good of their children.

After ending his romance with the benchmark of the Argentine National Team, Camila Homs left her life in Spain and settled again with her two children in Argentina. Far from being sad about the end of a relationship of more than 10 years, the model told how she treats her with her ex-boyfriend, whom she crossed paths with in a well-known bowling alley.

In this sense, to The young woman can be seen at parties and bowling alleys, enjoying her singleness and the Buenos Aires night. The photos and stories of him on social networks make it more than clear. In one of these outings, he spoke with the mobile company of “show partners” on various topics: from his friend Nacho Lecounaabout a possible love and about the music of his ex’s new girlfriend: Tini Stoessel.

The return to the country and a friendship without romance

First, with a big big smile and a lot of sympathy, Camila Homs He expressed his happiness to return to share the day to day with his family in our country. “Something that for a lot of years I did not have the opportunity”, he assured when asked by the journalist from The thirteen.

Then the note turned to relationship with Rodrigo DePaulY Homes explained that they havegood dialogue”, although he is direct and cordial, for the good of his children. There he mentioned that the legal issues and the separation of assets are in the hands of the lawyers. “I am now with (the lawyer) Ignacio Trimarco, so he is taking care of all the legal part”, he indicated.

Meanwhile, the notera consulted him about his friendship with Nacho Lecouna and the possibility that a new romance. Far from confirming it, the model quickly dismissed the relationship: “With Nacho all the best, but as friends.

Would you like to fall in love again? Is the bug biting you?”, continued the note, while Camila, between laughter and nerves, answered with doubts: “What do I know, I don’t know… I’m not going to talk about that. But I don’t close the door, obviously”.

When he asked if he had someone punctually “fluttering” around her and “making your heart happy”, The model laughed again before the cameras. “I don’t know, don’t make me blush. I’m not going to say anything. I’m very good like this”, he clarified.

From Paul and Camila Homs in “Tequila”

In addition, Homs referred to the crossing with Paul’s at the Tequila bowling alley. Nevertheless, He denied the versions that claimed that it had been a controversial meeting. “Nerd. Zero tense. I don’t know why they said he had been uptight. He was with his friends and I was with my friends, so each one in his own”, he described.

About the end, when They asked him if Rodrigo had introduced him to Tini as his girlfriend, Camila Homs cut off her smile and seriously replied: “I’m not going to talk about it”. On the contrary, when the journalist wanted to know if she listens to and likes the music of the ex Violetta the model laughed again: “Yes, laugh. It’s super catchy. It has very good themes. It is danced Yes”.

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