Caleta Olivia: the first meeting of “Women and Human Rights” begins

It will be dictated from 4 pm in the Petroleros Hierarquicos building, and although it is open to the entire community, it is aimed at people linked to the issue in question. This first meeting will be in charge of Nadia Astrada, Undersecretary of Women and Ms. Carolina Chirramberro. It is worth mentioning that registrations are open at the address: [email protected] and at the end will have the corresponding certification.

The activity will take place during four meetings that will include an introduction on the subject and a tour of Law 26485, among others, will be carried out.

In this context, Sara González, Undersecretary of Social Equity and Human Rights, invited the community in general so that they can be multiplying agents on the subject of Human Rights. “The idea is to create a space for reflection, where participants can point to those situations that occur in everyday life to resolve them through rights,” he explained. He also commented that after receiving the basic knowledge, an evaluation will be carried out to understand the concepts provided, which will allow attendees to address any scenario related to the central topic. “In this way, we aspire that they can resolve situations and maintain their quality of life. For this reason, I believe that we should all have knowledge about it, “he concluded.

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