Cafiero after the European tour: "The President is satisfied with the growth of the economy"

The chancellor santiago cafiero referred to the possible re-election of the president Alberto Fernandez and defended the Minister of Economy Martin Guzman in the middle of the internal Front of All.

“I don’t know if Cristina Kirchner The re-election irritates her, Alberto did not talk about it with her,” said the official after accompanying the president on his tour of Europe.

In an interview with CNN Radio Cafiero added: “The President installed him, but in a framework where subject to that he raises his lifelong militant vocation, of transforming Argentina, of continuing to put it on its feet and with a lot of conditions.”

Regarding the official party, the Foreign Minister pointed out: “There are colleagues who do not agree with the speed of the economic plan, or with almost nothing in the economic plan, or if they agree with other things. What our space is discussing is what are the best mechanisms to generate distributive tools, not candidacies”, he said.

In addition, Cafiero came out to defend the Minister of the Economy, Martín Guzmán, after the criticism he received from Máximo Kirchner.

“He is firm in his position and I don’t see any type of change in the economic or management team. The President is satisfied with the growth of the economy. He relies on the economic team, which has to stabilize the economy and be more effective with the distributive issue and inflation, ”said the head of Foreign Relations.

On the other hand, on the European tour, he pondered that the Argentine president was the first head of state received by the re-elected president of France, Emmanuel Macron, after the electoral victory he obtained on April 24 in the ballot against the far-right Marie Le Pen.

“I think that speaks clearly that it is not necessary to hand over the country or put it in debt so that they pay attention to one as they previously thought with the management of Mauricio Macri. It is necessary to have a worthy foreign policy,” he stressed.

Source: Telam

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