By beating: Deputies gave half a sanction to the Law of Zero Alcoholemia at the wheel

The camera Deputies of the Nation gave half sanction to the modification of Law 24,449, which contemplates the implementation of zero tolerance in the consumption of alcohol when driving a vehicle. The regulation has an impact throughout the national territory and consists of reducing from 0.5 to 0 milligrams the amount of alcohol per liter of blood.

The initiative had 193 affirmative votes, 19 negative and 4 abstentions. It remains for the initiative to pass through the National Senate to finally become law.

The “zero tolerance” with the alcohol It is already being implemented in seven provinces and 13 localities in the country. The committee discussion included the participation of the executive director of the National Road Safety Agency, Pablo Martinez Carignanoand the Mothers of Pain Association.

The Transport Commission of the lower house – chaired by the radical Jorge Rizzotti– had issued a majority dispatch based on 16 projects that was finally validated by the massista deputy ramiro gutierrez at a meeting of the Internal Security Committee.

His time in the Senate

Everything seems to indicate that its final sanction will not be reflected before the end of 2022. The issue must enter the commission and then go on to be dealt with in the venue. As reported, from the Frente de Todos they plan not to meet again in the remainder of the year. This is because the ruling party does not have two key legislators. On the one hand, Sergio Leavywho requested a license to attend the World Cup in Qatar 2022 and, on the other, the man from Formosa jose mayans, who is in a delicate state of health and recovering. Mendoza senator Anabel Fernández Sagasti is, together with Juliana di Tullio, who manages the FdT in the Chamber in the absence of Mayans,

A new session would force the Frente de Todos to have to agree with the opposition on numerous issues in a row. In addition, the fact of treating zero breathalyzer The consequence would be that some projects not seen favorably by Kirchnerism would slip onto the agenda.


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