Bundesliga – WSG Tirol in the European Cup playoff, Hartberg is shaking, Altach can hope

The WSG Tirol is in the play-off for participation in the European Cup qualification – and also has home rights there in the semi-finals. The Tyroleans secured victory in the Bundesliga qualifying group on Saturday with a 4-2 home win against TSV Hartberg. The Hartbergers, on the other hand, still have to worry about staying up in the last round next Friday. The Styrians, like Ried and Admira, only have two points on bottom Altach.

The goals for the WSG came from an own goal by Michael Steinwender (37th), the strikers Thomas Sabitzer (52nd) and Giacomo Vrioni (71st) and the substitute Alexander Ranacher (83rd). Goals from Manfred Gollner (63rd) and Seth Paintsil (86th) were not enough for Hartberg. TSV had traveled to Innsbruck with seven points from the last three games, but remained colorless there for a long time. The Tyroleans continued to soar. There were 13 points from the last five rounds.

LASK and Ried separated 1:1 in the penultimate round. Linz players scored both goals: Shortly before the break, Oumar Sako scored an own goal (42′) Sako (own goal) before his team-mate Sascha Horvath equalized in the 66th minute. The new LASK coach Dietmar Kühbauer was not granted a win in his second game either. After the draw in the Upper Austria derby, his team now has at least a good chance of reaching the European Cup play-off against WSG Tirol. While the WSG can no longer be pushed out of first place in the qualifying group before the last round, the second-placed LASK is two points ahead of Ried, Hartberg and Admira. Ried, on the other hand, still has to worry about staying up in the league. They are only two points ahead of Altach at the bottom.

For their part, the Vorarlbergers kept the chance of staying up in the south of the city. Altach won 3-0 at Admira thanks to goals from Atdhe Nuhiu (70′), Dominik Reiter (90′) and Stefan Haudum (95′) and are two points behind Hartberg before the last round on Friday and reed. Should the Ländle-Club win on Friday at the WSG Tirol, which has been determined as the winner of the qualification group, it would be saved in no time.

For a long time, everything pointed to a premature descent from Altach. Christoph Monschein’s shot in the ninth minute was defused by Admira goalie Andreas Leitner, otherwise the guests didn’t have any halfway compelling chances to offer in the first half.

Admira found the best opportunity before the break. After a volley from Jan Vodhanel, the ball landed in front of Angelo Gattermayer’s feet, who shot right at Altach goalkeeper Tino Casali (17′). As a result, midfield skirmishes developed without any highlights, which initially did not change significantly in the second half.

At least Admira showed more effort towards the goal after the restart, but a Gattermayer attempt saved by Casali over the crossbar was the only result from this phase (65th). But the Altacher struck out of the blue. Nosa Edokpolor brought a cross in the middle and Nuhiu was able to head in unhindered (70′). This goal boosted Altach’s self-confidence, Nuhiu missed the brace with a shot from the post in the 75th minute.

The Südstadters, on the other hand, acted increasingly unsettled, fought in vain to equalize and showed signs of decay in the finish. Reiter scored the second Altach goal from a counterattack in the 90th minute, and Haudum scored another “joker” in the 95th minute. The Lower Austrians conceded a defeat against Altach after six games. Altach, in turn, got the sixth win of the season, the fifth away. Admira finally competes at LASK, and there is also a duel between Hartberg and Ried. (apa)

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