Bucaramanga, Millonarios and Equidad were the winners of the last date

This Saturday, a vibrant day of the BetPlay League that defined the eight teams qualified to play the Semifinal home runs of the Colombian tournament.

Up to eight simultaneous games were played throughout the country, where there was no shortage of controversies and surprises on the day at the close of all against all.

One of the winners of date 20, was Atletico Bucaramanga who thrashed as a visitor to Sports Pereira and he kept the last quota that gave a direct ticket to the party of the eight.

Bucaramanga went through the window to the party of the eight. Photo: Twitter Dimayor

From the hand of the scorer Dayro Moreno, the ‘Leopardo’ team was left with box 8 in the standings after adding 29 points.

Another of the clubs that confirmed their classification was Equity Insurance who managed to beat National Athletic for the minimum difference so as not to depend on external results to access the next phase of the championship. The ‘Insurers’, reached 30 points and finished in box 7.

In sixth place was Envigado who completed a solid campaign with his draw against Sports Tolima in the stadium Manuel Murillo Toro. The Antioquia team will be in one of the balls of the draw after adding 31 units in the BetPlay League.

Junior from Barranquilla lost the possibility of adding three thinking about what will be the reclassification at the end of the year, after falling at home at the hands of Cordoba Jaguars by 4-2. The ‘Tiburón’ team that played with a mixed team in the Metropolitan he finished fifth with 32 points.

Independent Sports Medellin, gave a blow of authority in the Athanasius Giradot after what was the controversy with Dimayor for not showing up to the game with Jaguars in Cordoba. The ‘Powerful’, won by the minimum to sporty grass and climbed to fourth place with 36 points.

One of the losers of the date, was National Athletic, who fell with Equity and missed the chance to be seeded for the Semifinal home runs after adding 36 points and finishing third.

Table of positions of the BetPlay Dimayor League 2022 I. Photo: Screenshot

Table of positions of the BetPlay Dimayor League 2022 I. Photo: Screenshot

One of the surprises of the day, was the draw of Sports Tolima at home before Envigado that deprived him of the opportunity to finish as the leader of the all against all. The ‘Pijao’ finished a brilliant campaign as second in the BetPlay League with 40 points.

millionaires, did his homework beating Oil Alliance to get that seeded spot in the draw for the Semifinal home runs. The ‘Blue Ballet’, won by the slightest difference and took the lead from Sports Tolima, being first with 42 units.

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