Brussels Airlines cabin crew and pilots file strike notice for end of June

The pilots and cabin crew of Brussels Airlines will strike on June 23, 24 and 25, the airline’s common front unions announced on Thursday, after filing an indefinite strike notice for stewards and hostesses. The drivers had already done the same last Friday. In recent days, the management of Brussels Airlines had submitted counter-proposals to the unions in the context of this social conflict, the Christian unions CNE and socialist BBTK / Setca said on Wednesday. The workers’ representatives, who were to be consulted, finally rejected the texts submitted to them on Thursday.

At the end of last week, the unions of Brussels Airlines pilots had already filed a common front for an indefinite strike notice. According to a recent survey of pilots, 90% of respondents were in favor of strike action.

As for the cabin crew, the same survey had been launched with the stewards and hostesses after the failure of the conciliation meeting at the beginning of last week. They therefore decided on Thursday, despite the latest proposals, to file a strike notice of unlimited duration.

I estimate that the probability that a solution will still be found is very low.“, commented Tim Roelandt, of the liberal union ACLVB / CGSLB.

The pilots and staff of Brussels Airlines had already gone on strike in December, to protest against strong work pressure but also the non-indexation of the cafeteria plan (budget for extra-legal benefits) for pilots. It was then a 24-hour strike. According to the three unions, nothing has been done to solve the problems raised at this time and the situation has not really improved.

Management had already made it clear that they were ready to discuss workload but not indexing. In a recent internal letter to staff, she said she feared the pilots’ claims could hamper the airline’s growth plans.

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