Brazil launches its candidacy led by Richarlison

With two goals from richarlison (one as an area player and the other as a circus artist), Brazil demolished one Serbian who tried to withstand the attacks of the four-time champion of the universe as best he could.

During the last months wonders of both teams were spoken. Of Brazil, because it is the center of World Cup history and now he arrives with nine forwards. From Serbia, because he brings together figures of enormous quality such as Dusan Vlahovic, Serguei Milinkovic-Savic, Dusan Tadic and Alexander Mitrovic.

On top of that, when the tournament arrived, the moment of form for both was optimal. La Canarinha came from traveling undefeated through the South American qualifiers and they had won all their friendlies of the semester, with wins included at the cost of not inconsiderable teams such as Tunisia, Ghana and South Korea.

Meanwhile, the so-called White Eagles had beaten Portugal in the European qualifiers, Sweden in June and Erling Haaland’s Norway in September. His poor harvest in previous appearances in the Cup (seven setbacks in nine starts) was now working as an incentive.

But, of course, Brazil is Brazil. Only France can emulate it in attacking volume, a sector where it has elements that overflow due to speed, face with a remarkable percentage of success, put together counterattacks at a dizzying pace, deceive the referee and, in the worst case, pull bunnies out of their hats. .

Today, for example, Tite came out with Vinicius on the left, Rapinha on the right, Richarlison more in advance and Neymar from behind, with full freedom to do and undo. And on the bench there were people like Gabriel Jesús, Antony and Rodrigo. Just too much.

What happens is that Serbia endured the equality in the score (not without much ordeal) thanks to a luxurious tactical order, a very high intensity in recovery and, everything must be said, an illuminated day by goalkeeper Vanja Milinkovic-Savic.

The green-yellows tried shooting from outside the area (highlighting the bombings against the post by Alex Sandro and Casemiro), with crosses at all heights, from the laboratory, with passes filtered inside, with long strokes, and even looking for the goal Olympic. Nothing worked for them for 62 minutes, when Richarlison took advantage of a rejection to finally overcome the resistance.

Let it all be said: the long draw did not tell the truth about what was happening on the field. No sir. The Seleção had been solid in defense and very active in offensive functions, appealing to the resources mentioned above and a quick movement of the ball that little by little was draining the opponent’s fuel. He didn’t score, but he dominated with impressive authority: so much so that the opponent took his first corner at the hour of play, and at that point he had only shot once on goal.

At the point of ’70, the Serbs enjoyed their only real chance after the entry on the pitch of the until recently injured Dusan Vlahovic. Angered by the attempted rebellion, Brazil responded with The best goal of Qatar 2022: Vinicius’s three-finger pass and Richarlison’s spectacular half-scissors recounter.

Then followed the martyrdom of some and the enthusiasm of the others, the referee whistled and no one doubted again that This Brazil is for a trophy.

He didn’t even need the best version of Neymar Jr.

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