Blue dollar today in Mendoza: how much does its price close this Thursday, November 24

Thus, the blue dollar today in Mendoza was placed at only $19 from its historical record reached on July 21 of this year when the listing ended at $339 per unit after rising $22 in a single day.

During 2022, the informal dollar has already advanced $112 after closing last year at $208.

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Blue dollar gap today in Mendoza and Buenos Aires

The blue dollar in the caves of the city of Buenos Aires gained $6 this Thursday and ended at $338 per unit for the selling sector.

Therefore, the informal exchange rate ended in Buenos Aires $2 below the price of the blue dollar today in Mendoza.

Blue dollar today in Mendoza7.jpg

The price of the blue dollar today in Mendoza closed at $320.

official dollar price

The price of official dollar closed at $172.24, with a rise of 39 cents compared to Wednesday, while in the segment wholesalerthe price of the US currency registered an increase of 37 cents with respect to the previous closing, in an average of $165.21.

A) Yes, the dollar savings with the 30% surcharge – contemplated in the COUNTRY tax – and with the 35% advance on account of the Income Tax on the purchase of foreign currency, it ended at $284.19.

While, the one for tourism abroad was located at $301.42, while the so-called Qatar dollar for purchases over 300 dollars -and which has an additional tax of 25%-, was located at $344.48.

Price of the dollar MEP and Cash with Liquidation

In the bag, The dollar Cash with Settlement fell to $328.71 and the gap with the official wholesale exchange rate reached 99.3%.

For his part, the MEP or stock dollar gained $2.8 to $315.62 and the spread with the official reached 91.4%.

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