Blood was found on the suspect’s boat by the disappeared in the Amazon

Recife.-This Thursday the Federal Police (PF) of Brazil will order to analyze the “traces of blood” who were found in a boat of which is so far the only suspect arrested as part of the investigation into the disappearance in the Amazon, last Sunday, of a British journalist and a Brazilian indigenist.

This British journalist, identified as Dom Phillips, is a contributor to The Guardian newspaper and the Brazilian indigenist was identified as Bruno Araújo Pereira, both of whom they have been missing since last Sunday morning in the Javari Valleywhich is a remote and jungle region of the Brazilian Amazon, he was doing research there to write a book.

Through the statement issued by the Crisis Management Committeewhich occurred on Wednesday in order to coordinate the search efforts it was, “Blood traces were found in the boat of Amarildo da Costa de Oliveira, 41 years old and known as Pelado, arrested red-handed on Tuesday.”

“The collected material is on its way to Manaus —the regional capital—, in the Black Hawk tactical helicopter, to be subjected to expertise,” noted the committee’s statement, headed by the PF and in which the Civil and Military Police, the regional Fire Department, the Navy and the Army also participate.

The suspect is in temporary prison for various reasons

Judge Jacinta Silva dos Santos accepted the request for “temporary prison” of alias Pelado, from whom weapons, ammunition and illegal drugs were seized. The suspect was seen on Sunday in a boat behind the boat of the disappeared, who were heading by river to the municipality of Atalaia de Norte.

According to the committee, the so-called “Operation Javarí” covered 100 kilometers of the region by river and air in the last 24 hours and inquiries were made with the inhabitants of the towns of Santa Cruz, Cachoeira, Sao Gabriel and Sao Rafael, the last town where the disappeared were seen alive.

Every hour that passes without concrete news about the disappeared Increases pressure from international organizations on the Brazilian Governmentaccused of having a late reaction in this case.

Support was requested for the search for the disappeared

This Thursday, Amnesty International (AI) urged even the Colombian and Peruvian authorities to collaborate in the search for the disappearedwho were in a region close to the borders with those countries, in an area where conducted an investigation into threats against indigenous people.

According to AI, “Faced with the failure of the Brazilian authorities to locate the disappeared”, It is necessary that the Government of President Jair Bolsonaro redouble its efforts, as well as international cooperation.

It was risky to enter that zone

Bolsonaro stated his wish that they “be found”, but he admitted the possibility that “have been executed”. And he said they were reckless because of their “adventure” in a region that has become an area of ​​activity for groups dedicated to illegal logging, fishing, mining and hunting, as well as drug trafficking.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) had criticized on Wednesday the delay of local authorities to start searcheswhile the Chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy of the United Kingdom and interim head of that diplomatic representation, Melanie Hopkins, He expressed his “concern” on Thursday about the lack of more news.

“We understand that the remote location of the region imposes considerable logistical challenges and we have already asked the Brazilian government to do everything possible to investigate the case and we appreciate the attention given so far,” Hopkins said on his Twitter profile.

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