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Being a privilege, not all of us enjoy it, we must focus on seeking that more girls, boys and young people discover the world of readingit is important to know their interests, generate enthusiasm and curiosity in each of these people.

Because, since childhood we were told that reading was an obligation to fulfill, generating a lack of recognition of their interests, what they want and a sense of absolute disinterest in reading. Promoting the habit of reading means changing the way in which, within educational systems, children and young people are led to get bored in box readings, it means giving freedom to each person to be interested in readings, whether short or long, seek that more people learn to read.

Knowing the world of reading is getting closer to new people, new stories, new moments and even knowing more about yourself. Each book is a world, a story, a fragment of a universe where the author takes us to another place and situation.

It is necessary to continue promoting reading, to continue creating spaces where more people know the magic of reading, democratizing reading is an act of resistance and culture, where we recognize the power of words, knowledge and freedom, where girls, boys and young people can meet and express themselves, become knowledgeable about the world; see reading as a tool and not as something we should do.

Beatrice Flowers

“A good book is a wise voice with you”

Abel Pérez Rojas, Mexican writer and educator


“Audiobooks as a mechanism to promote reading”

Audiobooks are powerful tools that adapt to any type of reader, regardless of visual impairment, difficulty concentrating, children who are just beginning to read, people with little time, etc. Audiobooks can promote reading due to their easy use, since you can learn and discover new books while going to work or school, playing sports or cooking, being an initiative to read a physical book and at the same time work on concentration.

Dara Bigvai Pelayo, Mar Adentro volunteer

Reading is one of the most basic learning and comprehension tools, audiobooks are a mechanism that increases exposure to words and vocabulary, they also represent a double stimulus because the more senses we are using to interact with certain content, the better retention and understanding we have of it, audiobooks have the advantage that they can be within reach of a single click, which makes them more practical than a conventional book.

Guadalupe Alatorre Rangel, participant Mar Adentro

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william priced

Reading in coalition with literature is and will be the engine that moves cultures, that awakens critical thinking and broadens the perspective of life itself in all those people who make the right decision to enter this very interesting literary multiverse. That is why young writers like Guillermo Preciado serve as an example to promote this tool that will definitely continue to forge all nations.

Guillermo is a 31-year-old writer from Guadalajara, who has a master’s degree in Critical Theory and Psychoanalysis, and currently works as a psychotherapist, but has also been a high school teacher, instilling in young people a passion for literature and debate. He has several literary publications in story anthologies and digital magazines.

“I identify a lot with the young people that Mar Adentro de México supports; We have carried out very interesting debates, with very controversial topics but precisely through literature I have encouraged them to debate about it based on a story or an idea.”

In addition to his love for literature, he is passionate about erratic walks, a hobby that he captured in his story “The old man sitting on the beach” published in Ipstori.

Interestingly, his first approach to literature was with the Bible, he mentions that regardless of being a believer or not, there is a narrative power that undoubtedly has to be read, reviewed and analyzed yes or yes. Later he entered youth literature with titles such as Harry Potter, The Da Vinci Code, among others. It wasn’t until college that he was confronted with more complex literature and through the love and passion he felt for letters, it led him to write short stories.

Regarding the favorite literary genre, he comments that the story has the ability to synthesize in a few words a wide experience.

“I love novels, but my way of writing is closer to the story. For the brevity, for wanting to impact, for wanting to make a “knock out” as Cortázar said, regarding the metaphor of the story and the novel; It was just that, to synthesize in a few pages, an entire universe.”

He explains to us that, unlike many authors, who create a kind of very elaborate outline to start their creative writing process, he likes to get carried away by very everyday ideas.

“I usually sit down, take the computer, identify a very general idea and start writing, being able to determine an ending, but in the course of the story it can take an unexpected turn. Each author has their own methods to arrive at the final product.”

His collaboration with Editorial Ipstori has a very peculiar history, since despite knowing that the concept of podcasts and audiobooks had been around for several years, the proposal of said publisher was based on taking the hearing issue very seriously.

“There are many people who are more auditory than visual, and precisely Ipstori focuses on that sector that perhaps will reach literature, ironically, through hearing and not vision. This allows a greater approach to the letters by other sensitive means”.

He affirms that the ability to learn new things and curiosity are the characteristics that he values ​​most in youth, in addition to the fact that they have an innate neatness about the search for new experiences.

“In my experience as a teacher, young people inject you with vitality, energy, a very particular dynamic that infects you for wanting to discover the world.”

Message join the Sea Inside

“How about the community of Mar Adentro! I am Guillermo Preciado, I am a psychoanalyst and a writer. I invite you to continue reading, to have new experiences through literature and to make the most of the next editions of the International Book Fair, which is celebrated here in our city of Guadalajara. A greeting and a hug to everyone”.

10 Positive Notes

  1. Mexican student is named to the list of 50 finalists for the Global Student Prize.
  2. Ikusi innovation Hub, a project that seeks to professionally promote university students in Guadalajara.
  3. The third edition of InnovAcción 2022 arrives in Mexico, with a prize pool of up to 200 thousand pesos.
  4. Mexicans take the victory in the CDMX Half Marathon.
  5. Entrepreneurs from Mexicali within the top 10 projects in Latin America in Explorer by Santander X.
  6. Furniture manufacturers from Jalisco expect to close 2022 with 6% growth.
  7. More than 26 thousand people attended Talent Land.
  8. Six teams of teachers were winners in the 2022 edition of the Edupractics award.
  9. They open the free exhibition ‘Spring, past and present’ at the Guadalajara Paleontology Museum.
  10. Mexican actress Adriana Barraza is awarded in Miami.


Stories for all tastes

Bringing reading closer to different audiences has meant an opportunity for the reading format to be reconsidered not only from the physical book, but also to look for alternatives that are attractive to different groups. This is where Editorial Ipstori comes into play. It is the only editorial app that offers short, original and immersive stories, perfect for those looking to start or delve deeper into the world of literature.

Ruth Reséndiz, businesswoman and founder of Ipstori and its current CEO, sees this project as a way to tell short stories to read or listen to narrated by professional actors. The goal is to share new content every week.

Ipstori has a wide catalog of stories: Comedy, Chronicle, Poetry, Science Fiction, Classics and many more. All his stories are written by contemporary Spanish-speaking literature pens and are interpreted by acting professionals. Inviting the user to put on the headphones and hear their favorite stories come to life, creating a true multi-sensory journey.

This app seeks for the user to have a closer relationship with literature. They are guided by the premise that all people are and are made of stories. Through stories, fictions, fables and chronicles, they share the most human need: to give meaning to our existence.

Definitely, Ipstori offers a simple, practical and innovative option so that you have infinite literature in the palm of your hand.

Mar Adentro proposes

To listen

“The foreigner” by JM Neri, a curatorship of the poetry of Federico García Lorca, among others in the Ipstori editorial app.

To know

Between 2016 and 2021, the percentage of the population that reads books in digital format went from 6.8 to 21.5%, according to the Module on Reading carried out by Inegi.

To know

Download the Ipstori app and access a community passionate about reading, where you will find a wide variety of original and exclusive stories.


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