Before blackouts, the mayor of Torreón goes for an ‘urgent’ meeting with CFE

Torreón municipal authorities reported this Friday night that the mayor, Román Alberto Cepeda, will request an “urgent” meeting with representatives of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE).

And it is that the blackouts have worsened in various parts of the city, which has resulted in affectations to the operation of drinking water pumps, a situation that in turn aggravates the supply situation in multiple sectors.

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Problem meets more than seven hours

Through a statement issued this day, it was detailed that “only this Friday, May 13, more than 20 pumps located in different parts of the city, were turned off causing low pressure and lack of drinking water in various neighborhoods.

Some of the pumps affected are number: 1, 4, 23R, 88, 56, 64, 62R, 40, 76, which have already been reset by operating personnel.

Putting each of the wells into operation takes an average of two hours because they have to be purged; and when the lack of electricity lasts for several hours, 8 to 10 hours are required to pressurize the drinking water lines and consequently restore service in the affected sectors.

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Pump numbers were also restored: 1, 4, 23, 5, 38, 86, 79, 75, 75R, 88, 56, 64, 62R, 40, 76, among others such as HEB and Azulejos. Some of the sectors affected They are: El Fresno, Industrial Zone, Vineyards, San Agustín, Azulejos, Senderos, Senderos Extension, Arboledas, Ciudad Nazas, Valle Oriente, Campo Nuevo Zaragoza, among other colonies from different parts of the city.

At the moment pump number 2, which supplies Santa Bárbara, Las Quintas, Veredas La Paz, is stopped.

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