Batch. Drama on the farm near Gourdon, in anger he hits his father, whom he leaves for dead!

The father is dead and the son is in prison… (©JCB)

This Thursday, November 24, 2022, Francis, farmer, appeared before the Cahors Criminal Courtfor hitting his father on the head with a wooden picket…

It is 4:15 p.m. when Francis, 52, appears in court. Led into the glass box where the detainees appear, he meets the gaze of his mother and his brother seated in the front row of the courtroom. Philippe Clarissou, president of the court, reads the charges against the defendant.

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Attempted murder?

On July 30, 2021 at 3:45 p.m., the Gourdon gendarmerie received a call for an attempted murder in Saint-Clair: “Francis would have tried to kill his father Robert Gouny ! » Transported by helicopter to the Toulouse University Hospital, the vital prognosis of the victim is reserved. Mr. Gouny will remain one month in the coma, then will follow two months of hospitalization with a loss of memory concerning the facts. Mr. Gouny will be recognized for 133 days ITT (Temporary Incapacity for Work). Gradually Robert Gouny will resume his activities, before dying on August 22, 2022, at the age of 78. A direct causal link with the injuries caused by her son has not been established.

Arrested and placed in police custody, Francis explains to the investigators what he repeats at the hearing: “It’s out of anger! » It all started with a story of an agricultural press (machine used to compress hay). This machine belonged to Mr. Gouny, but Francis had lent it to a neighbour. And, when the latter brings back the said press, he announces to Francis that his father has filed a complaint for theft. Francis sees red. He goes to the Gourdon gendarmerie to explain that there was no theft, insofar as it was he himself who lent the press… But the gendarme does not hear it that way and does argue that this press belonging to Mr. Gouny, there was no need to lend it without his consent… A reaction that puts Francis beside himself. It was enough for Francis to return to his parents’ farm. As soon as he got out of the car, he grabbed a wooden fence post and there he struck violent blows on his father’s head. His first words to the investigators:

– I wanted my father to stop bothering me (the reported words are raw and without restraint), I don’t bore him. Francis says he struck his father twice in the face. At this point, he expresses no remorse or regret, even adding that he would be able to do it again.

– Why did you do such a thing? ? asks the president.

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– I solved the problem in my own way ! Francis replies.

Mr. Gouny’s wife attended the scene. She sees her son seizing the picket and hitting his father with full force. Francis would have struck several blows before breaking the stake in two. And he would even have turned to his mother asking her if she wanted the same…

It is an understatement to say that relations had become complicated between Francis and his parents, especially with his father. Mr. Gouny had the reputation of being extremely demanding in his work and he spent a lot of time catching his son at fault, reproaching him for not practicing the same methods as him. This tension between the father and the son would have derailed the installation project of Francis. Francis would have moved away from the farm exercising several trades before acquiring a farm, very close to that of his parents. It is said that Mr. Gouny had the “heart on the hand but a pig character”.

The mayor of the village would also have suffered threats from Francis. Francis also had a dispute with a local resident who allegedly stole equipment from him and shot the house against him. Another time he would have brandished a chainsaw as a threat, again following a dispute.

Because “I was pissed! »

The president returns to the circumstances of the tragedy and invites the defendant to speak. No major variations between statements. A single leitmotif for Francis: ” I was angry ! » Philippe Clarissou observes that in such circumstances, 9 out of 10 people die in view of the seriousness of the blows inflicted on his father. Francis recognizes that he is impulsive and that is his main fault. He argues that his father still recovered and resumed his activities.

Psychiatric expertise revealed in Francis, a paranoid type profile coupled with chronic psychosis. It is noted a mental disorder having altered his discernment at the time of the facts. The personality of the defendant would have been built with psychiatric disorders. It presents a criminological danger. He was forced into hospital twice.

Comment of Francis on hearing the evocation of this report on his personality: “I’m not sicker than anyone else!” »

President Clarissou evokes, despite the reluctance of the defendant, two convictions, according to which Francis had used a weapon to threaten people whom he had reproaches for them.

– “You better not get upset! » observes the president.

Serious facts, a dangerous man…

– “This is a family drama! » raises Me Messinger, carrying the voice of the mother of Francis and his brother. No way for them to ask for damages, but simply to ask that Francis be treated. She recalls that Francis’ father did not hold it against him for his gesture and simply wanted him to take care of himself. “Maybe they never understood each other!” » she adds. A sum of €2,000 is requested for legal fees.

“Gravity and dangerousness! » continues Alexandre Rossi, Public Prosecutor of Cahors, considering that this case almost went to the Assize Court. He evokes the victim, a “shattered man”, who spent the last year of his life wondering why his son could have done such a thing. He recalls that the defendant’s mother had declared spontaneously that Francis had kicked out 6 times… For him, the seriousness of the facts and their context go beyond the family sphere. He does not forget that the defendant had a criminal record and he hammers home four types of dangerousness: criminal, criminological, psychiatric and social. It requires 6 years in prison, taking into account the alteration of discernment at the time of the facts, a socio-judicial follow-up of 5 years with a ban on weapons for 5 years and continued detention.

” Le water drop phenomenon ! »

Me Christian Calonne regrets that this file is not treated as an opportunity to mend things. It recalls the family context with an all-powerful father, to whom Francis was subordinate. He describes a peasant world, harsh until the day when Francis claims his independence and no longer wants to be told how to work. “It’s the phenomenon of the drop of water ! » he exclaims, reporting the accumulation of frustration for his client, until everything changes, with this press story. Me Calonne regrets that Francis could not explain himself to the Gourdon gendarmerie. According to the former chairman, as soon as the press was stored under Francis’ shed, it was possible for him to lend it. According to him, the gendarme lacked humanity, psychology by not hearing Francis’ arguments. He underlines how much this situation generated a feeling of injustice in Francis, who did not admit that a complaint could have been filed for theft, when he had lent this press to his friend. This situation pissed him off and he took a picket to fight it out, giving two shots! “6 years in prison is an exorbitant sentence! » he exclaims. He recalls that Mr. Gouny’s will was for his son not to remain in prison. He calls for the implementation of a follow-up, considering that the 16 months of detention already completed are sufficient.

Francis returns to the microphone one last time, he declares: “I’m sorry I got carried away, it’s not to be done! »

After deliberation, the court sentenced Francis to 5 years in prison with continued detention, 5 years of socio-judicial follow-up, obligation of care, prohibition to possess a weapon for 5 years, 1000 € for lawyer’s fees. The defendant has 10 days to appeal.

Around 6 p.m., Francis returned to Agen prison, while his mother and brother were returning home, in the night, in the rain which was starting to fall again…

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