Barby Franco’s suffering when asked if she is pregnant: “Tired of the harassment in…"

It is customary for people to ask couples when they are getting married and, once they have become husband and wife, they ask them about the next step: motherhood. And something of that has been happening to Barbie Franco Y Ferdinand Mocking who, for some time now, have been harassed with these kinds of questions.

And although for several years the model and the lawyer knew how to announce that the wedding was coming, for one thing or another it was postponed since, to this day, they have not yet been formalized or passed through the altar. And despite the fact that the former stewardess of Guido Kaczka He recognized that it is no longer a subject that takes away his sleep, the lawyer knew how to declare that it is in his plans.

Seeing that the marriage was not taking place in the short term and tired of waiting for Bárbara to dress in white, her fans and followers, as well as the media, began to consult her about the possibility of having a child with Burlando.

But the question is usually so recurrent that, tired of talking about the subject and far from delving into details about his personal life in this regard, Franco went out on social networks and expressed his discomfort and anger both for that and for the detectives of networks that, while vacationing in the Caribbean, threw the possibility that he was in the sweet wait.

Everything happened on the internet, where Barby proposed the game of questions and answers to Internet users. Through said application, and using the rumors that she is undergoing treatment to become a mother, a user wrote to her: “you are pregnant?”.

“Tired of harassment in fertility. It hurts. More than anything when one is in the fight… More than one will understand me,” Franco wrote.

To which the model reacted with a strong release and by the same means replied: “Tired of harassment in fertility. Hurts. More than anything when one is in the fight… More than one must understand me“Franco also revealed that Angel of Brito he is the only one in the middle who is aware of what he is going through and lives in the middle of the road to fulfill that personal desire.

“The only one who knows everything from the beginning. I love you”, Bárbara concluded by accompanying her response with the capture of a publication made by the LAM host among her Instagram stories in which she highlighted that the model is not pregnant.

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