Axel Kicillof called on students to rebel for inclusive language: "They are not going to teach us from Spain how we have to speak"

The Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicilloheaded this Wednesday a school act in which He took the opportunity to call on the students to rebel and use inclusive language, despite the measure imposed by the Buenos Aires governmentwhich had banned the use of certain words in classrooms.

“In the province of Buenos Aires, to rebel is to speak as one wants, as one wants: not to swear or swear, but to express what one feels… So long after the May Revolution, they are not going to explain to us since Spain, what are the words we have to use?pointed out in a statement clearly contrary to the position of his peer from the City of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta.

Kicillof appeared publicly during an act where a group of boys pledged allegiance to the Flag. There he compared the current situation and asked the young people to rebel in the same way that he had done. Manuel Belgrano at the time of the revolution and use the language they deem appropriate.

The reference to Spain points to the Royal Spanish Academy, a cultural institution dedicated to regulating the use of language in the Spanish-speaking community, whose director, Santiago Munozrecently criticized the use of language even during a visit to Uruguay.

“We don’t like, boys, girls, to ban, we like that you can express yourself, be free, say what you feel, be rebellious when it’s for the rest and above all be patriotic”assured the provincial governor in the middle of a speech that revolved around the concept of rebellion.

“Belgrano decided to create the flag despite the fact that many thought it was not convenient. It seems to me that it is worth thinking about rebellion, which is not doing what everyone is told to do. The important rebellion is like that of Belgrano, who decided to create the flag not for himself, but for everyone; that is the rebellion that matters”he reflected.

Weeks ago, the Minister of Education of the Buenos aires city, Soledad Acunaprohibited the use of inclusive language in the classroom.

The measure reaches both public and private schools of the three mandatory levels. They ordered that no more expressions with the “e”, the “x” and the “@” be used even in communications with families.

As argued by officials in the area, the measure aims to eliminate barriers and distortions in learning.

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