Australia: a dead diver and 50 kilos of cocaine near a ship arriving from Argentina

Australian authorities are investigating the death of a diver and the discovery of 50 kilos of cocaine near a grain ship in the port of Newcastle, which had originally departed from San Lorenzo, in the province of Santa Fe. In the case, the police arrested a local businessman.

The ship Areti, registered in the Marshall Islands, arrived on May 8 at the port of Newcastle with a cargo of 60 thousand tons of soybean meal.

The local police put the ship under surveillance, until port employees reported the presence of a man in a diving suit in an unconscious state on the coast near the place where the ship was found.

The man could not be revived, he died at the scene and a few meters from his location, several yellow packages were found that turned out to have about 50 kilos of cocaine, valued at 13.8 million dollars on the illegal market in Australia.

The deceased was wearing a wetsuit and was carrying high-tech scuba gear typically used by more experienced divers.

The New South Wales Police suspect that the amount of drugs and people involved in the trafficking of the substances would be significant.

Suspicions point to a charge of about 100 million dollars.

In this context, investigators believe that the deceased diver – who was not identified, although it is suspected that he is not Australian – would have suffered an accident while participating in an operation to remove cocaine from the ship’s hull, according to the site

According to what was published by the same portal, two small boats approached the cereal ship the night before the discovery of the body and the cocaine content, according to what could be collected by port security cameras.

At the moment, there is only one detainee in the case, a shipping businessman in the luxury yacht area named James Blee, 62 years old and known as Mr. Blee, who was arrested in Far North Queensland when he was preparing to travel in plane to Singapore.

The suspect was charged with importing and supplying drugs, according to the portal of the Australian newspaper

Source: Argentine News

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