Atlético Nacional has a curious statistic in its favor against Deportes Tolima

This Wednesday there was a great show at the stadium Athanasius Girardot, where he National Athletic was forcefully imposed on Sports Tolima in the first 90 minutes of the grand final of the BetPlay League.

Those led by ‘Arriero’ Hernan Dario Herrera gave a resounding blow on the table winning 3-1 with goals from Andrés, the ‘Rifle’ Andrade, Danovis Banguero and Yerson Candelo, who scored one of the best goals of the season and who could be a candidate for the award Puskas.

But from the statistical side, the fans of the ‘green paisa’ are quite excited about winning the star number 17 in the Colombian Professional Soccer. the cast of Antioch is 90 minutes away from being proclaimed champion of the BetPlay League 2022 I.

The numbers smile at the ‘King of Cups’ in recent times, since the team under the mandate of ‘Muleteer’ he doesn’t know what it’s like to lose by two goals or more this semester. The ‘paisa’ coach who has directed 21 games in National Athletic, He has only lost two games since his arrival and both were by the slightest difference, against Equity and before Golden Eagles, both in the all against all.

Danovis Banguero complied with the ‘law of the former’ against Tolima. Photo: Twitter Dimayor

In fact, the last defeat of the ‘purslane’ team by two goals dates back to February 27, when they fell as a visitor against National Athletic on the BetPlay League, meeting that cost the technician his job Alexander Restrepo.

Also, Sports Tolima he hasn’t known what it’s like to win by two goals or more at home for more than 2 months. His last victory by more than two goals was on April 9 of this year, when he scored in the Manuel Murillo Toro a Golden Eagles by 3-0.

Nacional beat Tolima in the first 90 minutes of the final.  Photo: Twitter Dimayor

Nacional beat Tolima in the first 90 minutes of the final. Photo: Twitter Dimayor

Though National Athletic must not lower his guard, since in his only confrontation in a final of the BetPlay League before the ‘pijao’, they lost the title in an incredible way in the last minutes. In 2018, the ‘purslane’ won in Tolima by 1-0, but in the second leg they lost in the last play by 2-1 in the Athanasius Girardot, result that caused the penalties, where the ‘red wine and gold’ was champion.

The grand finale back BetPlay League 2022 I, will be played this Sunday at 7:00 at night, where the Sports Tolima will have to overcome the 3-1 against that he has with National Athletic to be crowned champion.

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