Astrotourism in Sierra de la Ventana, a universe to discover

Sierra de la Ventana has the privilege of having the best conditions in the province of Buenos Aires to admire the immensity of the night sky. Stars, planets, distant galaxies and more are part of a unique attraction in the area, which little by little grows as astrotourism.

“Our sky is fantastic, we have neither environmental pollution nor light pollution, and most of the year there are no clouds,” said tour guide Javier Gómez on the Amo Viajar program.

He explained that before he mixed environmental interpretation, but now he is dedicated exclusively to astrotourism with groups that combine gastronomy, a good place and astronomy.

“We occupy more sense than just going with the 4×4 to the Sierra. Now it includes a cute gourmet meal with a little wine. When night falls, people come to the meeting that is for Andrés de la Sierra, it is an incredible place, which gives us the possibility of an incredible sky, because there is no lighting in the streets. You eat inside the restaurant and then we go out to the patio, where you go out and see total darkness and it’s fantastic, because you have a totally pure sky, ”he commented.

Gómez explained that in addition to observing with the naked eye, the participants are rotated with his telescope to see objects from the solar system, from deep space with a unique clarity.

“80% of the people who come to the activity have never seen the Moon through a telescope, so that I show them a system of 700,000 stars all together, impacts people,” he said.

Photo: Tierra Ventana

Every holiday there are two sessions, on October 8 and 9, for example, 80 people attended. The activity costs 7 thousand pesos and includes food and observation.

“We want to convey to people this cultural event that takes place every holiday, so that people get closer to astronomy and can think that we are nothing. It is a science outreach activity,” he added.

Reservations can be made through the page or on Instagram @tierraventana.

Gómez announced that together with glamping in Sierra, they are already coordinating observation activities. He also commented that at his location in Sierra de la Ventana, he is creating a sensory scientific outreach center, where they talk about the solar system, explain how a telescope works.

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