Arturo Vidal lets himself be loved in the transfer market and is linked to another great South American

The national midfielder posed in an image with the urban singer Blessd, who suggested that he take his performances to Atlético Nacional, a team of which Arturo Vidal’s coffee friend is a fan.

A novel without a clear ending, is what it presents at the moment, the story of Arturo vidalwho in this pass markets has left wanting, by multiple teams that want the services of the “king” in their ranks.

For some weeks (even months) it has been commenting that the national “8”, could arrive to flamingo, a team that has wanted it for a long time and that the Chilean has made on more than one occasion, a confession you would like be part of the “Mengao” squad.

Then came the sound of hill of money offered by the Qatar club, the Al Rayyan, who intended to join the Chilean star, with James Rodriguez and his current coach, Nicholas Cordovaformer Chilean player.

Later and with even greater force, it came from Argentina the call of Juan Román Riquelmeexpressly requesting the “King” in the Xeneize cast. It is said that the trans-Andean, spoke personally with the national player and that they acclaim him, so that he reaches Argentine lands at waste rudeness

Now the same Arturo vidal, posted on your account Instagrama photo with the coffee grower and urban singer Blessd, fan of National Athletic from Colombia. In that image, the musician commented: “Shall we go to green?”to which the Chilean replied “In one, partner.”


in a possible joke between both friends, but that can result in something concrete, since the team verdiblanco from Colombia, is in the final of their national tournament and besides, it is one of the pictures “More popular” of that country and the last winner of a international cupfor the South American nation.

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