Armed night brigade in Cergy, the response of the Usppm police union

The Professional Union of Municipal Police Officers regrets that the municipal police who exercise during the day are devoid of lethal weapons. (©

L’armament of the nocturnal tranquility brigade keep making waves Cergy (Val d’Oise). Past the strong criticism of certain elected officials of the Cergyssoise majority who consider the armament of the municipal police to be dangerous, it is the turn of theProfessional trade union of municipal police officers (Usppm) to go up to the front. Not to denounce the choice of (lethal) weapons endorsed by the mayor Ps of Cergy, John Paul Jeandonbut to regret that the municipal daytime police are still deprived of it.

“If an accident were to happen…”

“We learn that the municipal police officers of the commune of Cergy will only be equipped with lethal weapons to carry out their missions at night, deplores Jean-Louis Del Pistoia, national director of communication for theUsppm. However, the various interventions against a heavily armed and determined individual or against a vehicle launched into the crowd took place during the day. »

And the Usmpp to warn Jean-Paul Jeandon:

“If, however, an accident should occur and it is demonstrated that the elected employer has not made available to the agents the appropriate means to ensure the safety of others and their own, his responsibilities will be sought and engaged in terms of both administratively and criminally. The Usppm will ensure this because the profession has too many victims of duty due to the lack of pragmatism of certain elected employers. »

The USppm

The arming of the municipal police during the day? Jean-Paul Jeandon is not about to subscribe to it. The mayor of Cergy has always considered that security was a sovereign mission under the responsibility of the State and the national police. The only deviation from this philosophy is the arming of the night brigade. A choice that imposed itself on him: impossible to recruit agents to patrol in the Cergyssoise night without lethal weapons on the belt. The principle of reality.

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