Armed aggression reported in the vicinity of the prison "The battery" in PFS

The San Luis Potosí State Security spokesman, Miguel Gallegos Cepeda, reported that around five o’clock this Monday morning, an armed attack was recorded in the vicinity of the Prison “La Pila” and Highway 57.

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He reported that there is a presence from an early hour through the Civil Guard, National Guard and elements of the army, but pointed out that it cannot be said for now that it was a full attack on the prison, much less that it is an affront to the criminal groups against the state executive.

He also indicated that an operation was immediately organized and a perimeter was delimited with the aim of finding the probable perpetrators of this attack, fortunately there are no injury reportneither outside nor inside the prison, it cannot yet be confirmed whether it was indeed an attack directed at the building as such, although it is true that walls and glass, as well as security towers, were hit by gunshot wounds.

They reject riot in prison

He also denied that this was presented along with a movement or an alleged riot inside detention centerSo far it is known that there was no situation with the prison population and control was maintained inside the prison at all times, nor is there a report of custodians who have been injured.

Finally, he emphasized “until now it could not be considered a direct affront to the state government, we do not know if the buildings were the direct white“.

It should be noted that elements called “ponchallantas” were also found on this section of highway 57, presumably placed by the armed group itself with the intention of preventing the rapid arrival of the security forces At the scene of the events, it is known that several private vehicles and some cargo vehicles that circulated in the area were affected by these artifacts.

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