Argentina will manufacture messenger RNA vaccines against coronavirus

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) in conjunction with the World Health Organization (WHO) selected two local biotechnological plants Sinergium Biotech and mAbxience, both from the scientific group Insud, -whose owner and scientific brain is Hugo Sigman- to be become hubs for the development and production of vaccines with mRNA technology against COVID 19 and others, on Argentine soil.

The selection of the proposals is the result of an open call for expressions of interest launched worldwide by the WHO on April 16, 2021, which produced some thirty expressions of interest from Latin American companies and scientific institutions. The call was addressed to both the public and private sectors of emerging economy countries.

Selection was made by an independent expert committee, the Product Development for Vaccines Advisory Committee (PDVAC).

In the case of the Latin American region, the two selected proposals will allow the creation of two centers for development and production with the capacity to use this technology to manufacture vaccines against COVID 19: one in Argentina through mAbxience and Sinergium; and the other in the Federative Republic of Brazil. This technology could also serve as the basis for the production of other critical vaccines for the health system.

The renowned Institute of Technology in Immunology Bio-Manguinhos, part of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (FIOCRUZ), was selected due to its advances in the development of an innovative mRNA vaccine against COVID-19.

Fernando Lobos, Director of Development at Sinergium Biotech, explained: “It is very important that a technology or platform for vaccines against COVID-19 that is already used in Pfizer and Moderna vaccines with proven effectiveness can be developed in Argentina and on a regional scale. . To produce not only vaccines but other pharma products, it is a true milestone for the country and the Americas ”.

“It was an open call from PAHO / WHO in which many projects from public and private companies were presented … and there we were selected in an arduous competitive process. So you can imagine the pride and happiness that we feel today at Sinergium Biotech, as a link of the Insud Group ”.

Source: Infobae

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