Areas with alerts due to the risk of violence in elections – Investigation – Justice

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The Ombudsman has warned that there are at least 290 municipalities at high and extreme risk due to the actions of organized armed groups; and the Police and the Ministry of the Interior have spoken of 99 municipalities with different alerts not only for public order but for the possible commission of electoral crimes.

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Also with the social and territorial control exercised by illegal armed groups for the development of illegal economies, the disputes between these groups for the control of strategic zones and corridors, and the threats against social leaders.

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Electoral risk map of the Ombudsman on the areas at risk for the elections of June 19, 2022

It should be clarified that in the same municipality there may be the simultaneous presence of several of these.

These municipalities are in the departments of Cauca (16), Nariño (14), Chocó (9), Norte de Santander (8) and Antioquia (7). They are followed by Bolívar (6), Caquetá (6), Arauca (4), Tolima (4), Putumayo (3), Valle del Cauca (3), Huila (2), Meta (1) and Magdalena (1).

On the other hand, at high risk there are 206 municipalities where there are indications of a high probability of occurrence of events and where the consummation of threats to the electoral process is recorded.

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These municipalities are in Antioquia (30), Sucre (16), Valle del Cauca (12), Magdalena (12), Bolívar, Boyacá, Nariño and Meta (11 each), Chocó (10), Norte de Santander (10) , Atlántico (9), Córdoba (7), Cesar (7), Huila (6), Cundinamarca (6), Cauca (5), Caldas (5), Risaralda (5), Putumayo (4), Guaviare (4), Casanare (4), Vaupés (3), Vichada (2), Arauca (2) and Caquetá, Tolima, Amazonas and Bogotá, with one municipality each.

There are also 178 municipalities at medium risk because there are indications of the presence of armed actors in the territory that have announced attacks, carried out some illegal actions “and use the territory as a scene of dispute, a mobility corridor or a refuge and provisioning area,” he says. the alert.

Finally, there are 53 municipalities at low risk in which there are indications of the presence of armed actors but no acts of violence have occurred so far; however, in these places there is evidence vulnerability factors for the candidates and their movements that could affect the normal development of the electoral process.

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