Apross: the digital credential will be necessary to access medicines in pharmacies

As of Monday, July 4, it will be mandatory to use the digital credential to withdraw or purchase medications at pharmacies in the network of approx.

The digital credential can be accessed both from said app -which has already exceeded 110,000 downloads- and from the CiDi application.

The digital credential contains personal data (DNI; CUIL, affiliation number), but it also contains a QR and a six-digit numerical code that changes every certain period of time.

Through this security code or token, the affiliated person can be unequivocally identified.

“The digital credential is a key piece of our digital transformation, because by allowing us to securely validate identity, we avoid fraud or misuse, and therefore, we make investment in health more efficient. This will allow us to continue expanding our coverage, as we did recently, for example, with medically assisted reproduction treatments”, explained the president of Apross, Nicholas Carvajal.

For the time being, the plastic credential can continue to be used to access benefits, but it is important to bear in mind that as the implementation of the Digital Medical Desk progresses – a new validation and registration tool for providers – it will also be necessary to present it to care in clinics, sanatoriums and offices.

It is also necessary to remember that the Apross app allows access to the credential of the holder and those of their entire family group. In addition, in the case of people who need their credential to be available to a family member, guardian or representative, the corresponding authorization can be made through the Self-Management portal.

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